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Finding a quality Long table restaurant in Bangkok can often be difficult with many catering for smaller tables and a more intimate surrounding than the long table restaurant and louder congregations. However some wonderful long table restaurants Bangkok offers can be found at some well known Japanese restaurants throughout the city.

Famed for a traditional yet modern decor and lush Japanese Edo style ambience, the Edoya Japanese long table restaurant boasts some fine private rooms with Long tables to suit up to 18 guests and more. With private rooms which can also be opened to adjoin others, and with windows to capture the outside of the restaurant too.7

The edoya long table restaurant is a great way to enjoy quality Japanese cuisine in a relaxed and japanese style. No matter whether you are from you will be welcomed with a smile. With wonderful authenticly dressed waitresses to serve your food in a typical Japanese style. The Long table restaurant at the Edoya is a wonderful way to enjoy food with larger parties or family and friends during that special occassion.

Some Other long table restaurants Bangkok offers is aptyly named the Long table restaurant. This is owned by the bed supper club establishment and has some very impressive decor and lighting. however the prices at this long table restaurant in Bangkok are a little too exorbient, at approx $75 a head and with food which was well, Okay in our opinions.

The long table restaurant Bangkok is still worthy of a visit but if one person is footing the bill for a large party of lets say 10 persons. This Long table restaurant Bangkok could break a few Banks. The long table menu was rather limmited by our standards, but the view was rather nice.


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