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If you considering trying out a Japanese Restaurant Bangkok has a good selection of high quality and very authentic yet affordable Japanese Restaurant to choose from. With Bangkok a popular place for Japanese tourists the quality of japanese restaurants Bangkok has is often way superior to our Western counterparts. And ofcourse a lot cheaper with the lower cost of Living in Thailand.

For those with a taste for japanese cuisine the Japanese restaurant Bangkok offers are rich in diverse menus, japanese noodles such as soba, ramen and udon noodles are a favourite of mine. And since Japane is surrounded by ocean seafood is always a must when selecting that perfect meal. I think the Saba is always a delicious side dish to enjoy.

Japanese Restaurants in Bangkok are often of the traditional style and my favourite is the Edoya Japanese resturant Bangkok. With private and traditional yet eligant rooms upstairs, or a more social and open japanese restauraunt enviroment downstairs. There is always a nice ambience and soft japanese music in the background.

All the food at the Edoya Japanese Restaurant Bangkok is served by authentically dressed and well gestured waitresses. There is an absolutely amazing drinks menu at the Edoya Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok, guests can every possible Saki and rice wine to suit even the most homesick of japanese guests.

The presentation of food at this famous japanese restaurant is also meticulous and the meals are always freshly prepared. However it can often take a while to be served at busy times but that makes the food all the more savoured when it comes.

And finally for business gentlemen or larger parties wishing to enjoy good company and fine dining, and some fun entertainment afterwards. There is a wonderful japanese Karaoke bar which also belongs to the Edoya group. Located just next door attractive Hostesses are available to dine with guests upstairs at the Edoya Japanese restaurant Bangkok.


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