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Review on Zenred Hair and Beauty Salon Bangkok

Zenred Hair and Beauty Salon is a relatively new salon situated at Monopoly Park Mall just off Rama 3 road. It's not your typical Thai Salon and looks quite impressive when you first walk in. The first thing you will notice is its unique and bold red design and modern chairs with lots of gorgeous chrome. Zenred salon Bangkok has lots of digital equipment which looks expensive and LCD displays and large sound system are playing the latest movies and music.

But what makes this salon any different to the thousands of other posh salons scattered around the Malls of Bangkok? And why will i always recommend Zenred to everyone traveling, living or anywhere close to Thailand?

Hair Salon Bangkok Zenred

Well, For anyone who has lived in Thailand for some time, you will come to understand that sometimes the simple tasks of getting a hair cut or hair colouring can sometimes become quite an ordeal. This is not to say that Thai hairstylists are not good at what they do, its just that many cannot communicate well in English, or do not have the experience and understanding of how to colour blondes or cut wavey and thick hair. It's also frustrating when you want the latest Balayage or Ombre styles and hilites but no one understand what they are, But Zenred do and they do it well!

But first some history on why Zenred came to be: Zenred Beauty Salon Bangkok was founded by Daniel Delazion and long time Master and Celebrity stylist Paweerada. Daniel originally from the UK had already spent 10 years living in Bangkok. He had noticed the frustration many women travelers and tourists had endured when trying to get their hair coloured, permed or just the basic styling they were used to back home.

Beauty Salon Bangkok Zenred

Paweerada was already an established hairstylist for many of Thai TV Celebrities and Radio personalities and had spent the last 20 years cutting, styling and colouring Westerners and Thai's in the Silom area. The duo decided to create a unique concept salon that would fullfill the needs of both her Celebrity clientele and Tourists, Travelers and Expats that desperately needed trustworthy, skilled and most importantly experienced stylists. In 2010 Zenred Beauty Salon Bangkok was born.

The salon itself is not your typical bustling Salon, whilst it is busy it has a calm friendly feel to it. The team are tight and like a family, everyone knows their jobs and works in sync harmoniously. The reason they call it a Celebrity salon for everyone is they really do treat everyone like celebs, and if they are too busy to you will certainly look like one when you leave.

For me, chatting with English speaking hairstylists that have spent 10 years or more living and working in the UK are a joy to behold and they speak better English than i do. Everything is clean and the products and equipment look top notch quality and modern. This feels more like a Western Hair Salon in Bangkok, especially when chatting to my Hairdresser with a UK Accent. Zenred still  has all the best things Thailand has to offer too, like the Thai hospitality friendliness and attention to detail which keeps us coming back.

Zenred Hair salon Bangkok requires a Reservation to be made, and its worth it because you will get their undivided attention that way. Also, this salon is very popular because of the quality of hair colouring, hair styling and the extra attention to detail. So do yourself a favour and book in advance.

Hair extensions at Zenred are a popular service which are widely regarded as Thailand's best. What makes the hair extensions at Zenred unique is they are custom made, nothing is factory processed and the techniques used are professional with high quality methods. Furthermore they offer a Free colour matching service, Free haircut, shampoo blow-dry and free finishing.

Best Salon Bangkok

With Hair extension prices in the USA averaging at 1000usd for a good set. Zenred Hair Extensions are typically 70% cheaper and the as Daniel Delazion told me "Our extensions are better than leading brands because we use Virgin hair that has never ever had any colour or treatment before, we then colour the hair using expensive and quality colours, ammonia free and organic colours we can use too" No one else is doing this, so we are unique in every way and our extensions can last 12 months or more. These are not just the best hair extensions in Thailand but some of the best hair extensions in the World" say's Delazion.

Brazilian Keratin is also a popular treatment at Zenred and prices were about 60% cheaper than what i would normally back home. and what i loved about my Brazilian keratin Bangkok Treatment was i had at least 2 persons working on me at any one time. In the USA we would normally have just one hair stylist and the process would take forever. Zenred Salon really makes you feel like royalty. At one stage i had 2 persons doing my hair and another doing my nails. This just never happens in any other salon I've been too. And the stylists and manicurists are genuinely friendly and happy, you can see they truly love their work.

There are also free refreshments at Zenred and Free Wifi, but what i loved was the fact that you can order Thai food and Italian Food right from your salon chair. When spending a few hours getting my hair and nails done i just had to eat. The food came in minutes and was quality cuisine topped with a glass of wine. The staff have no problems with this at all and were quite accommodating at working whilst i was eating. Again this rarely happens in UK or USA salons and was just perfect.

Beauty Salon Bangkok Zenred

So what services did i have at Zenred? First they Shampooed my hair and i enjoyed this immensely because it included a Thai head massage which they did very well. After  i had my hair coloured and chose to have Brazilian Keratin hair straightening at the same time. My hair is quite wavy and was dry, and because i was also having hair extensions i wanted these super shiny premium grade hair extensions to match my own hair, so i needed to get my own hair straight and shiny too. This took a few hours but whilst they were doing this they were preparing my hair extensions and colouring them to match my own hair (for free ofcourse).

Having my nails done at the same time was great, and really saves time getting everything done at one place. I chose to have an OPI Nail manicure and Pedicure which they do at the same time i had my keratin. Fantastic i really felt like a queen with so much attention.

Salon Bangkok Zenred Beauty

Finally i had my hair extensions fitted and the transformation was truly amazing. They feel wonderful, just silky and smooth and i cant believe its me sometimes. After it all I looked fantastic and i didn't even have makeup on yet. The attention to detail the Zenred Girls take when working is really amazing and i definitely reccomend Zenred to anyone who is looking for a quality hair salon in Bangkok.

From what i have been told, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckenburg has been to Zenred 3 times already, and many other celebrities both Thai and International frequent the salon. To be honest i completely understand why, it feels private and safe and they are fantastic at what they do.

You can contact Zenred via the Facebook Fanpage Below
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Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok
Monopoly Park Mall
59/27 Industrial Ring Road
Chong Nonsi
Yan Nawa

Tel: 083 600 6176

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