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A worthwhile evening out and a delicious experience of fresh and exotic asian cuise, visitting a bangkok japanese restaurant with friends or family is something everyone should experience during their stay.

With so many quality Bangkok japanese restaurant establishments, and with incredibly reasonable prices and certainly very authentic food dishes. Bangkok japanese restaurants are a must for those who want to really experience the orient and land of the setting sun.

There are many famous bangkok Japanese restaurants, and many smaller establishments or road side vendors too. Japanese food has long beenserved in Thailand and the Thais have a deep respect and skill in preparation and even serving japanese food with as much authenticity as one would expect in Tokyo.

Japanese restaurants in Bangkok are everywhere, but the best ones or at least the most renown are situated in the Silom district of the city. This is also the Japanese sector so many Japanese will dine in the japanese restaurants in Silom, and therefore the quality and meticulous preparation with a higher standard of clientelle to please.

for an evening out a visit to a bangkok japanese restaurant should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. For westerners not sure or inexperienced in Japanese cuisine, dont let that spoil your fun. Thailand is a very open and tolerant country, and there is no better way to experience Japanese food for the first time than a Bangkok Japanese restaurant.

If your unsure on what to order why not try a set meal which everyone can share. With a great variation of soups, noodles, grilled fish and vegetables, delicious teppanyaki and dips which go down beautifully with Japanese beer or whisky. A suptuous evening of joyous and fresh healthy cuisine awaits all who dare to visit a Bangkok Japanese restaurants.

The Edoya Japanese restaurant is one of Bangkoks oldest and respected restaurants, recently relocated and renovated the Edoya is in the Silom district just off Rama 4 road. Located in the Charn Isara Tower Entrance, this Bangkok Japanese restaurant is a favourite of mine.



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