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The Edoya
 Japanese restaurant Bangkok welcomes its guests to enjoy authentic Traditional sensations and mouthwatering experiences of Japanese Cuisine. the Edoya is one of the oldest and most respected Japanese restaurants in Bangkok and famous for its quality in distinctive and authentic flavours.


Best Japanese Restaurant Bangkok EdoyaOperating for over 30 years the Edoya serves not only traditional dishes such as Sushi, Grill and Tempura but also original Japanese cuisines. You can also enjoy Sashimi, Sushi, Gyoza, Okonomiyaki, Ramen, Yakiniku and Bentou Box.  At the Traditional Edoya Japanese restuarnt you can order anything from fish, meat, noodles to rice depending on your tastes and appetite. 

Edoya Japanese Restaurant Bangkok is comfortable and very spacious and a perfect place to relax for friends, family and business parties.  The Edoya also offers a variety of dining areas and relaxation suites, with Private rooms for reservations and parties, a beautiful ambience with surroundings decorated in traditional Japanese style inspired by both classical and modern style. 
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 With highly skilled chefs serving guests every sensation of original traditional flavours with modern cuisines and requested dishes also available. The Edoya also has a vast array of drinks imported from Japan which make for a perfect combination of culninary delight. 
Enjoy some of the finest and freshest traditional japanese flavours and original tasting Japanese cuisine at one of the best Japanese Restaurants in Bangkok. 

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